Nature Illusion Studio

Transform your digital photos into living scenes by adding a wide variety of visual and sound effects. Save it to many formats and share it to your friends and loved ones. BUY NOW DOWNLOAD MORE...

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Nature Illusion Screensaver

Travel to the best places on earth without living your desk! Enjoy the beauty and the soothing sounds of living waterfalls, lakes, beaches, forest, and much more.. BUY NOW DOWNLOADMORE...

Nature Illusion Studio

Transform still photos into living scenes

Ace Pro Screensaver Creator

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Nature Illusion Screensaver

Living nature screensaver with free gallery

What our customers say about our products


I have been using Nature Illusion Studio for quite some time now and I just wanted to email you to tell you that not only do I love your software you are a company that MUST care about us who buy it. You are always bettering your product at no extra cost. The upgrades are wonderful and I just had to tell you how pleased I am.

Cathy M.

I really love your software. I have an ancient brain and you have made it easy to use it.


Ace Pro Screensaver Creator is my very favorite screen saver creating program. And with the great support and upgrades, it just gets better all the time.

Themestress Desktop Enhancements

Think is a wonderful screensaver. I added it to my computer at work and everyone has commented on it. It is so pleasant to have these soothing pictures in our high stress environment.

Brian Ascherman

Just discovered your screensavers. I find them some--if not all--of the best and most beautiful photos of water scenes I've ever run across. Thank you for making them available to one who truly appreciates them.

Roy Blood

I just downloaded there screensavers on a recommendation from a friend -AWESOME... Thanks and I have told all my friends. Good job.. int this day and age when there is so much junk on the internet. It is refreshing to find a site like yours...

Linda Harmon

I purchased Ace Pro Screensaver Creator in 2003, and I still consider it the best water effect screensaver creator out there. It is easy to use, has the best water effects, and the customer support is absolutely fabulous. I own several other screensaver creators but this one is at the top of my list!

Sherry J.

I really do love your software, and my clients love it as well. The screensavers make great advertising for new developments/subdivision, etc.

Michele Johnson

I love the fact that we can now add animations to our screensavers and I am more then sure that my customers will enjoy this.

Lady Dove Elite Screensaver

I really love the program because it is user friendly and although a picture is worth a thousand words and photos are memories, you guys have brought the photo memories to another level as you have added virtual life to them.


I really love how easy your program is to work with and do not want to have to purchase another program.

Jason Fortenbacher

My name is Sharon Sims and I have purchased your software and I can not express how much I love your product.

Sharon Sims

I love your software and I have created a lot of nice screensavers for myself and my friends.


I downloaded a screensaver from Annie Reb, it was the most wonderful scr I ever saw (a river rapids) and it was made by your program. So I bought it thinking I could do as well. Well thanks, to you being so creative and smart. I have been playing with them ever since.

J. Harris