Nature Illusion Studio


Feature list

Water effects

  • Apply up to 6 different types of water effects in a single image.
  • Customize water effects settings such as amplitude, frequency, direction, etc.
  • Preset water effects such as waterfall, lake, river, etc.

Animated Objects

  • Add animated gifs.
  • Add png images.
  • Add text objects.
  • Customize objects movement, appearance, fade-in/out, etc.

Weather effects

  • Add snow effect to photos.
  • Add rain effect to photos.
  • Customize the particel counts, transparency, rain drops length, snow flakes size, and wind direction.

Sound effects

  • Add wav files into your creation.
  • Add sounds up to 8 channels.
  • Customize the sound to appear randomly, random at specific time, or loops continuously.

Build your creation as screensavers

  • Add background music (mp3, wma).
  • Show clock.
  • Adjust sound and music volume.

Build your creation as executables

  • Add background music (mp3, wma).
  • Adjust sound and music volume.

Build your creation as animated gifs

  • Customize FPS(frames per second), resolution, and length.
  • Dithering filter to minimize quality degradation.

Build your creation as videos (.avi)

  • Build avi using any codecs available in your system.
  • Customize the video resolution.
  • Customize the video length.

Preview the result of your project instantly

  • Auto preview provides instant feedback of your changes in real time, meaning you can see the result right away while you are drawing the water effects.
  • Full screen preview to view your creation in full time with sound effects.


  • Project files can be used in Ace Pro Screensaver Creator to build advanced full featured screensaver.
  • Add your living photos into Nature Illusion Screensaver easily.