Ace Pro Screensaver Creator


Feature list

Supported images

  • Animated pictures created by Nature Illusion Studio
  • Jpeg, gif, png, tiff, and other most popular image formats.

Screensaver settings

  • Add mp3, wmv files as a background music.
  • Set display interval between images.
  • Show transition effects between images.
  • Display clock in screensaver.

Shareware feature

  • Limit the number of days in trial version.
  • Limit the number of pictures in trial version.
  • Generate registration keys for unlocking trial version.
  • Ad image to promote your screensaver.

Customizeable user interface

  • Customize your screensaver settings skin.
  • Set a screen or window to show when screensaver is in trial mode.
  • Set a screen or window to show when screensaver expired.
  • Edit skin with built-in Skin Editor.

Preview screensaver

  • Preview screensaver settings.
  • Preview screensaver image thumbnail.
  • Preview run screensaver.
  • Preview what you will see in trial and full version.

Build screensaver and installer

  • Customize screensaver icon.
  • Build screensaver with registration key support.
  • Build trial and full version screensaver in separate files.
  • Built-in installer builder.